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Cooking with your grill
Cooking with your hotplate
Cooking with oven bags
All recipes and hints are an indication of what can be cooked on your “Classic Marine Barbecue” and have been tested by us. Use this as a starting point and with experience you will be able to explore the extent of the versatility of the appliance.

Cooking with your grill will give you a more authentic barbecue flavour. When cooking with your grill, light the barbecue with the hood open, close the hood of the barbecue, turn barbecue onto LOW TO MEDIUM to warm the barbecue and allow the convection heat to circulate.

Cooking Sausages: As sausages can be very fatty, it is best to use the smoker plate accessory if possible to avoid excessive flare ups, if you do not have a smoker plate, cook sausages at a low setting. Turn your barbecue down to medium setting.

Cooking Steak, Pork or Lamb Chops etc: Cook to your liking using the grill as per above instructions taking care with fatty meats.

Smoking food with your smoker plate (optional accessory - to be used with your grill): Take out the grill and smoker plate. Place soaked woodchips or sawdust onto the flame tamer and replace smoker plate and grill. Turn the barbecue to high, and light. Close hood and turn gas to LOW-MEDIUM to allow barbecue to warm up for approximately 3-4 minutes, then turn barbecue down to LOW. Place fish, chicken or meat that you wish to be smoked onto the grill. This process will take anything from 10 minutes to several hours, depending on type and thickness of meat or fish being cooked. As normal with smoking this will be entirely experimental.


When cooking with your Hot Plate, light the barbecue with the hood open, close the hood of the barbecue, turn barbecue onto LOW to MEDIUM and let the barbecue warm up for 3 minutes to get the convection heat moving. Turn barbecue up to MEDIUM TO HIGH and leave hood down for another 4 minutes. You are now ready to cook.

Any meat can be cooked on your hot plate to your liking. You can also sit a roasting rack on top of your hot plate to roast poultry or joints of meat.

You can cook with oven bags on the hot plate of your barbecue. This can also be done with the grill, as long as you use a cooking tray or similar to avoid direct contact with the heat source. Follow cooking instructions provided with the oven bags.
It is best to keep the cooking setting on low or medium, if using on high it may be too hot and the bag may burn.
Oven bags make cooking quicker, tastier and keep the barbecue cleaner. You can cook roasts and vegetables in the oven bag by again following the manufacturers instructions provided with the bags.

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